How to remove minor "flaws" facial

Photograph courtesy of Rockin’ Chic Lifestyle


Are you thinking of a non-invasive treatment improve your appearance or avoid some "defects" facial?

The proposal Dr. Elisabet Pla to begin treating those little wrinkles above the upper lip or improve your overall facial appearance, It is correct by blanching technique in which new crosslinked hyaluronic acids are used intended to be injected very superficially in the dermis.

Hyaluronic acid applied by the blanching technique (bleach, since infiltration produces a momentary bleaching the injection) It is shaping up as the best alternative to achieve superficial wrinkles disappear.

You can get more information and see the result of this new application, Article published in Rockin´Chic Lifestyle!


Elisabeth Plan Olive at Rockin’ Chic Lifestyle

Elisabeth Plan Olive
Photograph courtesy of Rockin’ Chic Lifestyle

Elisabeth Plan Olive, Rockin 'Invited Rockin’ Chic Lifestyle

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